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        A behavioral plan will include various steps:

1.      An evaluation for eligibility will be conducted based on: parent interviews, behavior, play and family observations, child’s learning approach evaluation, and service recommendations.

2.      An assessment will take place. This will include testing on various skill levels, and reports with detailed descriptions of what the target goals will be.

3.      A program based on the individual needs of the child will then be developed based on observations from assessments.

4.      Data (quantitative and qualitative) will be taken by therapists during each session for each goal. Weekly progress reports will be provided to monitor effectiveness. Each program will be accessible and password protected through Emerging Milestones Online Treatment Database

5.      Once programs have begun, behavioral observations and interviews will continuously take place. This will consist of the entire Emerging Milestones team, including parents. Support will be provided on a weekly basis and upon requests.

6.      Our programs are always being updated to describe; when each child masters an item, learns something new, needs more attention on specific skills, what his/her likes and dislikes are, tips on what works best, etc.

Early Intervention Programs

We will provide 15-30 hours per week of direct 1:1 intervention by our Behavior Therapists in the child’s natural preferred environment; home, school, day care, etc.

A maximum of two therapists will be assigned to each program along with one consultant and one case supervisor.

The skill areas worked on will include but not be limited to: communication skills, language skills, play skills, self-help skills, academic skills, social skills, observational skills, and learning skills.


Consultants will be assigned to each case and available for parents, therapists, aides, caregivers, educators, etc., for about 3 hours a week and upon requests.

The consultant will provide ongoing behavioral training and support. The person in this role will also be available by phone, email, appointment and over video (web cam, video conferencing) communication.

Parent Training

Parents and caregivers of our clients can take advantage of the opportunity to receive the same intense training as our employees. We offer parent training in hopes that families will implement lessons and use behavioral techniques in daily interactions with their children. This gives us the assurance that our clients are benefiting from behavioral techniques outside of therapy and it gives parents the confidence they need to deal with certain maladaptive behaviors.

Parents and siblings of children with Autism will receive opportunities to attend group therapy sessions, training seminars, individualized counseling, etc., to explore and discuss their feelings and situations in a supportive environment. The purpose of this is to help families with coping and problem solving.



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